I rarely have a client come to me that isn’t confused and frustrated with food and nutrition.  It seems that everyone has the “perfect diet”, which all conflict.  Most individuals are just plain sick of eating because they can’t remember what is and isn’t good for them anymore.

This has become exceedingly ridiculous lately…or maybe I have been more sensitive to it.  At any rate, it’s driving me every bit as crazy as my clients.

That’s why this year my #1 New Year’s Resolution is to avoid contributing to the nutrition noise.  This is something I have always tried to avoid, but I am making a larger effort to be sure that no one ever feels triggered and confused when looking to me for wisdom.
Will I still talk about food?  Of course!  I am passionate about food and what it can do for the body and soul.  I mean, Real food, Real life!  I will call out junk when I see it and will still alert you of bogus information all in the name of keeping health and wellness as simple and as accessible as possible.

However, no more judgement calling on particular foods.  No good or bad or restriction.  As always, in private consults, I will continue to discuss food choices as it pertains to a client’s goals, symptoms, medical history, health concerns and personal food ethics and beliefs.  That’s part of being an intuitive eater, honoring your body and healing (food IS medicine after all!).  But I will avoid doing that in broad generalities for those that aren’t working with me personally.

It’s time for more heart, soul and love.  It’s time to dig deeper into food related issues.  It’s time to celebrate food and our body’s desire for love, nourishment, compassion and pleasure in all forms.

This New Year’s Resolution has been a long-time coming.  I have been dragged into this kicking and screaming.  My logical mind was not ready for the curve ball I have been thrown this year.  But as I have let go of logic and fact in favor of intuition and creativity, doors have opened up personally and professionally.

So my practice style may be taking a bit of a twist in the right direction.  It’s where my heart is leading me because I know it’s how I can help people in the most effective and healing way possible.  My truth is this:  love is what heals.  In 2014 and beyond, I will be living that truth.

My point in sharing this is to warn you that things are just getting good.  Together I am sure we can make big changes in the way the world views health and wellness.  Also, as you make your own New Year’s Resolutions, be sure they have heart.  Listen to what YOUR heart is telling you.  Where is your heart leading you?

Let’s make 2014 the best yet.

Emily Fonnesbeck RD, CD, CLT