Are you a breakfast skipper?  This post is for you!  Another great recipe for you from my friend Jaren.  We have lots of mornings like this at our house; I especially identify with how hard it is to find those dang shoes.  If you haven’t tried wheat berries, you must!  They have a lovely nutty flavor with a chewy texture…and I’m all about adding the chocolate shavings on top.

Wheat Berry Parfait
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I’m confident that by now, you know the benefits of eating breakfast, logically that is. However, from personal experience I have a hunch that you know why most of us aren’t eating breakfast regularly- were racing out the door, making lunches for kids last minute, letting the dog out or searching for that pair of shoes for our kiddos that WE JUST SAW.  We’re hurried- and it’s become apparent with the endless supply of on the go and breakfast options that we’re not okay with this skipping breakfast thing…we’re flat out hungry! For me, I can’t wait until lunch, I know when I’m listening to my body and what it needs, that skipping breakfast always leads me to overeating at lunch and ultimately feeling lethargic and uncomfortable. I’ve discovered its in my best interest to make sure I get something satisfying in the morning.

Enter in…a twist on the trendy overnight oats {or is that trend over now?} I’m not quite sure. Regardless, I know that I need a breakfast that’s going to fuel me for the day, sustain my energy levels & doesn’t require me to stand over the store for 20 minutes stirring or having to come home to a huge pan soaking in the sink.

This parfait uses wheatberries to add some great texture and is packed with protein, complex carbohydrates {AKA the ones that keep the hangry away}, fiber & antioxidants and some lovely omega three fatty acids. It’s a breeze to put together the night before and take along with you the next morning if you are caught up in the morning mix. Taking  it on the go and eating in a pleasant atmosphere rather than haphazardly eating spoonfuls while helping the kids get out the door always puts me in a more productive mood…and I’m confident that those I interact with throughout the day appreciate this as well.


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Wheat Berry Parfait Recipe
Prep Time 10 Minutes
Prep Time 10 Minutes
  1. In a mixing bowl, combine wheatberries, yogurt and half of the berries together
  2. Place half of mixture in jars, filling halfway
  3. Layer walnuts and strawberries in the middle
  4. Fill to top with remaining yogurt mixture
  5. Add assorted toppings on top and seal with lid if serving later