Ever feel guilty about the food you eat?  If you have, you are not alone.  Food guilt is all to common but definitely problematic.  First let’s think about what guilt is:

  • the fact of having committed a breach of conduct especially violating law and involving a penalty
  • the state of one who has committed an offense especially consciously
  • feelings of culpability especially for imagined offenses or from a sense of inadequacy
  • feeling of culpability for offenses

Isn’t it sad that these feelings are associated with food?  I believe the reason for this is that everywhere you go and everything you read pegs food as the enemy.   My goal is to change your mind about that.  Food is amazing!  And it can make you feel amazing!  It should never make you feel horrible or guilty.

Remember: You are NOT what you eat.  You aren’t “good” for eating “good” or “bad” for eating “bad”.

How do you overcome “food guilt”?

Emily Fonnebeck RD, CD, CLT