Meet Brady.

He’s my husband of 14.5 years and the father of our two children.  He’s the most patient and kindest person you’ll meet and also the most sarcastic.  We definitely have a lot in common, but our personalities couldn’t be more different.  I think that’s what makes us work; we compliment each other well.

We have very different approaches when it comes to food, less so now than before (in fact, I sung his praises about that HERE).  He makes me laugh a lot, about a lot of things, especially about food.  I call them Bradyisms and you’re all missing out if I don’t take some time to share them.  So below you’ll find the world of food through Brady’s eyes.

First, Ben (my 6 year old) picked out these bars at Costco a little while ago.  Brady tried one the other day and as he finished said “I should have just eaten air because that was just about as satisfying.”

Brady owns and runs a youth NFL flag football league and games started a couple of weeks ago.  The Saturday before he needed help painting lines for the fields so I went with him.  I was getting hungry and knew we would be there over an hour, maybe 2, so I grabbed some carrots and hummus to eat on the way.  Brady actually really loves THIS hummus but I haven’t been able to find it lately (Costco – bring it back!!!) so I grabbed this to try:

We were chatting in the car while I was eating.  I stopped to ask him if he had tried this hummus yet and he said no.  I asked why and he said “because it smells like butt”.  (You should know that I really loved it)

I bought this cereal a few weeks back.  I’ve really enjoyed other Weetabix products; they crumble into milk, are slightly sweet and have a nice crispy texture.  This one however gets 2 thumbs down.  It just dissolves in the milk and turns to mush.  I actually really like soggy cereal but this is even too much for me.

I was telling Brady how bad they are, as he stares at the box, then at me, then back at the box and with a straight face says “I could have told you that.”

Brady teaches high school science.  I pack his lunch for him every night, as I have done for the past 11 + years of his teaching career.  He always wants the same thing – PB sandwich, chips or crackers, carrots, apple and/or orange.  The other day he came home and said “This lunch just isn’t cutting it anymore.  I think I need more to eat because after I finish it I’m still hungry and then eat like a pound of gummy bears.”  So the next day I packed him a ham and cheese sandwich and added a bag of nuts.  He gave it two thumbs up but said “I feel kind of funny about it though, like I’m cheating on peanut butter.  Don’t tell.”

Oh, also, he calls eating those carrots “the worst part of my day”.

I was super pumped to find these Annie’s graham crackers at Costco.  The other day Brady proudly announced that he had invented a new dessert: graham crackers + chocolate chips.

Me:  “So you invented a S’more without the marshmallow.”

Him:  “Yes.  I call it a S’ore.”

One of the reasons I share this is because I love how practical Brady is about food.  He doesn’t overthink it, he doesn’t eat it if he doesn’t love it and food in no way is ever a matter of morality or superiority for him.  In my line of work, it’s like a breathe of fresh air and exactly what I needed to overcome my own battle with Orthorexia.

Happy eating 🙂

Emily Fonnesbeck RD, CD