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Becoming Foodtuitive means embracing a healthier perspective and embarking on a journey to unlock freedom and care for your body in a natural and healthy way. This is a place to find advice, inspiration and tools to make positive changes in your life, starting today.

“Hi, I’m Emily,  When I’m not busy working with clients, I enjoy spending time with my family. I am married to my biggest supporter and mom to three fun and busy kids. We enjoy sports, being outdoors and getting creative in the kitchen.”

Orthorexia: Do You Have An Unhealthy Obsession With Food?

Placing value on eating nutritious foods is a worthwhile endeavor. It’s definitely common to put at least some emphasis on meal planning, making healthful choices and fueling your body. But for some, healthy eating gets taken to extremes causing fixation,...

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4 Foods You Should Always Eat

By now you know there are all sorts of opinions about what you should or shouldn’t eat. It can be super confusing, right? The problem lies in the approach — detail-fixated vs big picture. When we get too concerned about the details, we can miss how everything fits...

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Confident Eater Checklist

If you've been here awhile, you know how passionate I am about helping you feel confident with food.  I mean, my business tagline is Nourishing Confidence, which is exactly what I aim to help you do.  My hope is that through reading this blog, working with me one on...

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Food Guilt (and why it’s useless)

Food guilt is incredibly common.  You've likely experienced it many times before, perhaps even daily.  It may happen so often that you've accepted it as a normal part of life.  It comes up in conversation as naturally as the weather..."The weather is so pleasant! I...

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Life Update

Around the time my husband came with me to Idaho for the IAND meeting, he was contemplating applying for a job in Cache Valley, Utah. We mulled it over a bunch on that trip, weighed pros and cons, and ultimately decided that it would be a good idea for him to apply....

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Nourishing AND Satisfying – How To Beat All Or Nothing Eating

When letting go of the diet mentality and embracing a non-diet approach, one of the biggest concerns I hear is that it will lead to eating nothing but ice cream, chips and cookies.  It can feel scary to truly give yourself unconditional permission to eat and that's in...

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Weight Stigma

My husband is a rockstar at sniffing out the best places to eat when we travel. He’s also a pro at navigating the Disneyland scene - we’ve never waited longer than 10 minutes in a line. But that’s a story for a different day. This story is about this past week and our...

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Mindful Eating: Breaking Free From Habitual Food Patterns

A while back I discussed how mindfulness can reduce needless physical and emotional suffering.  I outlined something I call “food meditation”, which is designed to rewire how our brains think about - and thus how we behave around - food.  I want to build on that idea...

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Elimination Diets: Are They Really Helpful?

Elimination diets are really popular these days. They are often prescribed, recommended or adopted as a way to treat digestive issues, symptoms of inflammation, auto-immune diseases, mental health concerns, hormone imbalances and migraines to name a few. While I...

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Nourishing Confidence

This new website and branding has been a long time coming. I am grateful to the folks at String Marketing for helping me bring my vision to life. Through a series of interviews they helped me nail down my messaging and produce a brand that I couldn’t be happier with....

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Cookie Recipe x2!

A few months ago I taught my 12 year old how to make cookies and it has been the gift that keeps on giving.  

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