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Educational Background and Professional Experience

I am a Registered Dietitian and received my degree at Brigham Young University.  I am a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and belong to the practice groups of Behavioral Health Nutrition and Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition.  I am also a Certified LEAP Therapist, working with delayed food sensitivity reactions typically associated with autoimmune, digestive and inflammatory conditions. 

Areas of Expertise

Instead of creating unnecessary restrictions or contributing to the nutrition noise so abundant in our society, I have found client-centered coaching to be much more effective.  I have no nutrition agenda; I only hope to help you feel better mentally and physically.  I take an individualized, non-diet approach and avoid fear-based nutrition information.  We work together to find answers and to help you feel more capable and confident with food.  I am all about helping you create realistic, sustainable, balanced and satisfying food patterns, with an emphasis on wholesome and nutritious food choices.  For more on that:  Real Food, Real Life

I wholeheartedly believe that food can be medicine and will allow us to live our happiest and healthiest lives.  That doesn't have to be rigid or militant; food should be nourishing AND satisfying.  My client-centered approach can be implemented in most any case.  I give guidance to those seeking help with eating disorders or disordered eating, digestive concerns, food sensitivities, diabetes care, heart disease, pregnancy/infertility nutrition, sports nutrition and athletic performance, vegetarian diets, general nutrition information and more.    

Please browse my blog to learn more about my food philosophy!  

Personal Interests

As mentioned, I do have a passion for nutrition.  I love creating flavorful and healthy meals for my family to enjoy.  I take great pleasure in cooking for family and friends and love the satisfaction of coming together to enjoy a meal - I occasionally share my creations on the blog.  I love exercise in many forms and we love to be active as a family.  I am a wife, married to my biggest supporter, and mom to three fun, busy and talented kids.